Gather info about slow startups

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Have you ever wondered why your startup is slow? I assumed you noticed the new event viewer, but have you noticed the Applications and Services Logs, also try to turn on the View > Show Analytic and Debug Logs..

To our goal, have a look at slow startups.. Have a look at this log: Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Diagnostics-Performance\Operational.

Have a look at the event id: 100 for Startup, 200 for Shutdown, 300 for Standby.

Open an event with event id 100 and it could look something like this:


You can clearly see that you this startup took 321482 ms just over 5 minutes. Press details too have a more detailed information about every step in the startup sequence. Too see what too longer time than usual have a look at the event with event id 101..

You could also try my PowerShell script that will gather the information and summarize it for you.

Download it here

BootTime (ms)
Count   : 65
Average : 228819,692307692
Maximum : 549529
Minimum : 177727

Main Path Boot Time (ms)
Count   : 65
Average : 142792,153846154
Maximum : 466829
Minimum : 92587

Boot Post Boot Time (ms)
Count   : 65
Average : 86027,5384615385
Maximum : 91480
Minimum : 71100

Count   : 65
Average : 23,7384615384615
Maximum : 41
Minimum : 21

OSLoaderDuration (ms)
Count   : 65
Average : 3990,6
Maximum : 4400
Minimum : 3606

Top 10 start up applications
svchost.exe 26215 ms
Rainmeter.exe 21783 ms
MpSigStub.exe 19632 ms
OUTLOOK.EXE 19463 ms
explorer.exe 18913 ms
SearchIndexer.exe 13772 ms
explorer.exe 10954 ms
explorer.exe 9693 ms
LogonUI.exe 7958 ms
MsMpEng.exe 7303 ms

Top 5 start up drivers
RDPCDD 1701 ms
RDPENCDD 1699 ms
RDPREFMP 1679 ms
cdrom 443 ms

Top 5 start up services
windefend 4210 ms
audiosrv 992 ms
plugplay 636 ms
audioendpointbuilder 619 ms
audiosrv 478 ms


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