Do you backup/export your Intune policies – encrypted?

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Since a while ago I encountered that Microsoft Graph returns some policies encrypted during an export to JSON. Using these exports in a backup and restore scenario will not work!

More specifially this happens in windows10CustomConfiguration if consists of a row with a string, the export might look something like this while using the Intune samples from Microsoft

Encrypted windows10CustomConfiguration

It was rather frustrating to discover these encrypted rows during an import and having to rewrite everything, so here is a quick post for some background and how to fix. 🙂

I would not say it is that hard, it just requires multiple Graph request – one per row that is encrypted – to return the decrypted information. The documentation will not help you that much as of today: getOmaSettingPlainTextValue function – Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs, but will give you a couple of hints – such as format of the request{deviceConfigurationId}/getOmaSettingPlainTextValue(secretReferenceValueId='parameterValue')

The trick here is to call each encrypted row with each rows’ secretReferenceValueId. So the high level code would look like

  1. Get the device configuration policy, today it only affects Windows custom policies
  2. Found out if there is a row with the property: isEncrypted=True
  3. Make a Graph API request with the value of that rows’ secretReferenceValueId

I just pushed an update to DeviceConfiguration_Get.ps1 on Microsofts Git to decrypt the necessary policies, until is might be published you can find the changes here and the full script on my Git

First add this function

Function Get-DecryptedDeviceConfigurationPolicy(){

    This function is used to decrypt device configuration policies from an json array with the use of the Graph API REST interface
    The function connects to the Graph API Interface and decrypt Windows custom device configuration policies that is encrypted
    Decrypt-DeviceConfigurationPolicy -dcps $DCPs
    Returns any device configuration policies configured in Intune in clear text without encryption
    NAME: Decrypt-DeviceConfigurationPolicy
    $graphApiVersion = "Beta"
    $DCP_resource = "deviceManagement/deviceConfigurations"
    foreach ($dcp in $dcps) {
        if ($dcp.'@odata.type' -eq "#microsoft.graph.windows10CustomConfiguration") {
            # Convert policy of type windows10CustomConfiguration
            foreach ($omaSetting in $dcp.omaSettings) {
                try {

                    if ($omaSetting.isEncrypted -eq $true) {
                        $DCP_resource_function = "$($DCP_resource)/$($'$($omaSetting.secretReferenceValueId)')"
                        $uri = "$graphApiVersion/$($DCP_resource_function)"
                        $value = ((Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Headers $authToken -Method Get).Value)

                        #Remove any unnecessary properties
                        $omaSetting.value = $value

                catch {
                    $ex = $_.Exception
                    $errorResponse = $ex.Response.GetResponseStream()
                    $reader = New-Object System.IO.StreamReader($errorResponse)
                    $reader.BaseStream.Position = 0
                    $responseBody = $reader.ReadToEnd();
                    Write-Host "Response content:`n$responseBody" -f Red
                    Write-Error "Request to $Uri failed with HTTP Status $($ex.Response.StatusCode) $($ex.Response.StatusDescription)"


And to decrypt all device configuration policies, just add the bold row in the end of the script

$DCPs = Get-DeviceConfigurationPolicy
$DCPs = Get-DecryptedDeviceConfigurationPolicy -dcp $DCPs


foreach($DCP in $DCPs){

Here are the full script on my Git: DeviceConfiguration_Get.ps1


  1. Your script sample does not include an export-json function. Is it possible for you to add that to the code I don’t know how to get the policy written to a Json file


  2. Thank you for your code. I was able to convert an export my large list of OMAURIs from one tenant to another. Two things I noted was that only Strings seem to be encrypted, Integers were not, but need to have the isEncrypted and referenceid removed. Also, if you use a String XML entry vs. String, you will get a “cannot convert the literal to the expected type ‘edm.binary'” error on importing that is a bit hard to figure out, until you see it’s referencing the .xml file, just switched it to normal string and it worked. Very happy I found this page!


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