Case of upgrade stuck on 62%

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For quite some time I had problem with my Windows Insider machine, and I hadn’t had time to look at the problems until now.. Anyway the upgrade got stuck at 62% as you see on the picture above and I could upgrade to the next Insider version. Follow the blog to see how I solved the issue

I started doing the basic troubleshooting, restart download the upgrade again etc. I also tried the troubleshooters in Settings, if you haven’t tried them, do it, usually they solve a lot of common issues

Some more digging was needed, I tried SetupDiag.exe without luck.

So started looking at the logs, why and where the issue got stuck. (For the reference Windows Setup logs info here and here)

Started by opening this log in an elevated Notepad (or CMTrace) C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther\setupact.log and went to the last entry and found this

Obviously there was a driver causing this issue, that needed to be removed. Open an elevated command prompt and use the command pnputil.exe to remove the driver.

Use this command to remove the driver: pnputil -f -d oem64.inf
Replace oem64.inf with the driver you have problem with from the log file

Restart the computer and restart the upgrade – Happiness1

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