Case of “driver cannot load on this device”

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A time ago I bought this Elgato Capture HD60 to better capture and share screens from secondary computers, Xbox and such. But I noticed that the streaming didn’t work as expected, the issue was then documented from Elgato as a known issue for Windows Insiders, and since I am all in Windows Insider I only one computer running non-insider version.. so I have been a bit cumbersome since I haven’t been able to use it in the way I wanted from the beginning.

But now finally I tried again and got it to work! I plugged in and the following prompt appeared “A driver cannot load on this device”

Apparently I have “security settings” on my computer (good thing!) that is blocking this driver. When digging into this I found that the Memory integrity setting was conflicting with driver. (I hope Elgato will update driver) but in the mean time when I need to capture something I need to do the following to get the capture card to work.

Open Windows Security from Start, or the tray, open Device security

and click Core isolation details, disable the Memory integrity setting and restart the computer

Unplug the device, Uninstall your device from Device Manager and delete the driver software for this device. Now plugin the device again and the device should install, search for Windows update for new driver and now the device should work as excepted.

Note! This is not recommended to change this security setting and lower the security, so when I’m not using the Capture device I will unplug and uninstall the device and turn On the Memory integration, and when I need the capture device again I will reinstall it!

You can use the button “Scan again”, to see if there is any fix available, and if you have any other device causing this issue you will be able to see the drivers causing issues when pressing “Review incompatible drivers”

Hopefully I can get on track with all my things I have in mind now! 🙂


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