Creating local users with Intune

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Just a quick post regaring creating local user account with MDM, Microsoft Intune. Got a couple of questions regarding possibility to create local user accounts with Intune, and that is possible with custom URIs.

Please give it a like if simple posts like this are useful.

Create a new Device configuration profile for Windows 10 and later of profile type Custom.

Add two OMA-URI Settings

2019-05-13_22-30-08 create user

Account Type

User account type


1 (Integer) for Standard user
2 (Integer) for Local administrator


Create user and password


123 (String) This is the password


Create the profile and add preferably assign it to a group containing Azure AD devices, such as a group containing the same devices as an Autopilot profile.





  1. Great way to create local accounts, I worked pretty well for me thank you for this.
    Would you happen to know the values to enable “Password never expires” and Disable “User must change password at next logon” ?

    Thank you!


  2. We created local users on Intune but receieved error message -2016281112 (Remediation failed)
    What should i do to avoid getting the error?

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    1. This can be many reasons.. most often it is misspelled by mistake, or use of not allowed characters.
      Also have a look in the eventlog, that could give a better idea of what the problem is


    2. It’s likely because this is an add request that doesn’t get any feedback once executed. I received the same error and the accounts were successfully created.

      @Mattias if I update the password using the method you used to create the accounts will the change be reflected on the end device?


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