When does telemetry run?

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A small quick post about when telemetry runs and how to intiate a full inventory scan manually

This post assumes you have telemetry in Windows enabled, Windows Analytics in Log Analytics configured correctly. If not here are good resources for this

Windows Analytics in the Azure portal

Upgrade Readiness Deployment Script

Understanding connectivity scenarios and the deployment script

Generally we recommend you to use the deployment scripts at scale. There are some reasons for that. When running the deployment script you will get error checking, and it will initate a full inventory scan (else you could be a long time, maybe weeks)

If you for any reason cannot run the deployment script manually you can run these commands to intiate a full inventory scan

CompatTelRunner.exe -m:generaltel.dll -f:DoCensusRun
CompatTelRunner.exe -m:appraiser.dll -f:DoScheduledTelemetryRun ent

Also an automatic full sync of telemetry data for analytics happens under this condition as well. When a new version of appraiser is installed (for example a monthly Quality Update. However AppRaiser module gets updated usually every 2-3 months)

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