Friday fun with Intune: Remove dependency to BGInfo

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I was playing around with Sysinternals BGInfo and stumbled upon a post describing how to remove the dependency to BGInfo and did some testing – why not deploy this with Intune? Some customers demand some information on the background such as phone number to Service Desk, Username and Computer name.  And with Intune this is a bit tricky to do, since you need to repackage BGInfo into a MSI and then deploy it, instead I took this code, did some minimum changes for my initial testing and works like a charm.

So upload the PowerShell script with the settings below, assign it and you are good to go

Microosoft Intune PowerShell

Find my source here, this will use gray background and add some text to it

Are you in the need of real BGInfo, send me a comment or a mail and I will post a way how to do that


  1. Same here. Tried only 2 available solutions in Google to deploy BGInfo. Unfortunately it fails. Did you try BGInfo?


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