Deploy and Troubleshoot Office 365 ProPlus Updates with ConfigMgr (2/2)

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Ok, lets try to wrap things together and deploy, test, validate and troubleshoot the Office 365 ProPlus Updates thru Configuration Manager Software Update Point.

In case you missed the first part: Deploy and troubleshoot Office 365 ProPlus Updates with ConfigMgr 1/2


Preparation time

For this setup I choose to have two Windows clients, Windows 10 1607.

First go ahead and download Office 365 Deployment Tool, and run the executable and extract the files in an empty folder. If you are not familiar with ODT, this is the tool you use to repackage and distribute large scale Office 365 ProPlus deployments.

Note! Even if you have ODT on your computer, make sure to use the latest version, and update it regularly.

In the folder, along with the extracted setup.exe, I create two different XML configuration files, the only difference is how many languages I choose to install. As this is only for test I only want to install Word, everything else is excluded. I highlighted the important stuff, as you can see I have an attribute Version, to make sure I install an old version of Office.

<Add OfficeClientEdition=”32″ Channel=”Current” OfficeMgmtCOM=”TRUE” Version=”16.0.7571.2072″>
<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>
<Language ID=”en-us”/>
<Language ID=”sv-se”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”PowerPoint”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”OneDrive”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Outlook”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”OneNote”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Lync”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Groove”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Excel”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Access”/>
<ExcludeApp ID=”Publisher”/>
<Updates Enabled=”TRUE” />
<Display Level=”Full” AcceptEULA=”TRUE”/>

Create and save the files as

  • configuration16.0.7571.2072EN.xml
  • configuration16.0.7571.2072ENSV.xml

If you want to download the Office installation source locally choose these commands

  • setup.exe /download configuration16.0.7571.2072EN.xml
  • setup.exe /download configuration16.0.7571.2072ENSV.xml

If you want to install Office either online or offline from the downloaded source, choose these commands

  • setup.exe /configure configuration16.0.7571.2072EN.xml
  • setup.exe /configure configuration16.0.7571.2072ENSV.xml

Personally I like to create .bat files for these tasks, so my folder looks like this, and you can find the files here (except the ODT, you’ll need to download that yourself).


On the first client I install English and the other English and Swedish, once it’s successfully install verify the version from Word. image

Verify the languages from Office 2016 Language Preferences application from the start menu.



Deploy update

I will skip the step-by-step part how to deploy and distribute the updates via ConfigMgr. Just note in my case I deployed the updates as available to make it more visible here and now.


Now logon to the first client and make sure Office 365 ProPlus is set to Current Channel, open regedit and browse the key


and make sure CDNBaseUrl is set to

Trigger some actions to update policy and scan for updates then fire up Software Center and you should be able to see you first Office 365 ProPlus update


Trigger the installation, wait and voilà – update Installed


Ok, first one was easy, head over to the other one and make sure Office 365 is set to First Release for Current Channel, open regedit and browse the key


and make sure CDNBaseUrl is set to

Trigger SCCM actions to update policy and scan for updates then fire up Software Center and you should be able to see you second Office 365 ProPlus update


Trigger the installation, wait and successful.

That shouldn’t be that hard? Please comment below, if anything missing. If you need some troubleshooting, don’t stop here…


Something wrong? Troubleshooting


Ok, this seems like easy tasks to update Office 365 ProPlus, but there are many things that can go wrong here.

First I will try to explain how you can follow the download and installation from the client side, and then some cases I have seen. During the download you should have a look at

  • DataTransferServices.log
  • UpdateDeployment.log
  • CMBITSManager.log

Personally I got the most out of the last one in my troubleshooting cases.

Worth noting is also that the downloading is party controlled by the process OfficeClickToRun.exe, as you can see in the task manager screenshot below.


During the download, the files will be moved to a different location continuously


When the download is successfully finished, it will trigger the installation of the update, again OfficeClickToRun.Exe will handle this, but a bit more CPU intense this time.


When the installation starts a log file will be available in %Temp% or %WinDir%\Temp and should be named [ComputerName]-[Date]-[Time].log


If you have any Office application open they will exit and restart at the same place you left it, with the same information (even if you didn’t save it)


Some errors I encountered

0x800775F6(-2146994698) and HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server


This error code (0x800775F6) is unknown but seems to be when language pack is missing. In the CMBITSManager.log you should see the following error

“Error encountered 0x80070002- BITS error: ‘HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server.’  Context: ‘The error occurred while the remote file was being processed.”

Look at the source and make sure it is complete, and the language were downloaded on the server. Verify the languages via Office 2016 Language Preferences. In my case the was missing and that was the Swedish language missing from First Release for Current Channel Update.


I headed over to the ConfigMgr console and downloaded the Swedish language for the update.


No updates or wrong channel

If you got no updates, or wrong/unexpected channel, make sure your CDNBaseUrl is correct. This key will control what update you get in Software Center


Also make sure that you have downloaded the correct update in ConfigMgr, if no later version in the assign channel is downloaded and deployed, no update will show up.


It will never, ever install the update

There is a setting UpdateToVersion that can (and will) make it hard for you. This setting will never ever update your Office version to a later version than configured by this registry setting. Just delete it, and it will do work again.



Resource explorer no value for GPO Office Mgmt COM

If you enable the Client Management setting with group policy, is there a way to gather that information? Sure, as you can see in the resource explorer there is a value GPO Office Mgmt COM, this will gather the value for the group policy setting.


But… this is not collected by the hardware inventory by default. You need to identify your client policy and modify the hardware inventory classes, look for Office 365 ProPlus Configurations and you will need to check the box for GPO Office Mgmt COM and press OK.



I guess that was all for this time, hope you enjoyed it and give me a comment below!



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  1. Very efficiently written post. It will be useful to anyone who employess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.


  2. Sorry for hijacking a bit – hopefully you could point me in the right direction.
    I’ve hit a wall with some of the clients not able to install O365PP from SCCM 1702 TS (most likely, the build is irrelevant).
    Most clients install ok, but some fail with ( Failed to extract cab file , Error:0x5) in setup log. content is copied from DP to client, then OPP installer log a successful copy (“download”) from ccmcache to temp folder, then fails with “Extraction Failed {‘File’:’C:\\Windows\\TEMP\\OfficeC2R70F8F178-3C23-4803-B8D0-FC1AF86A30FB\\’}”

    Been scratching my head for two days now, to no avail…


  3. Hi,

    I followed all the steps given in your blog and deployed an office 365 Deferred channel update to my test clients from SCCM 1702. But the clients failed to download the update. As mentioned above I review the datatranserservice.log, updatesdeployment.log and cmbitsmanager.log

    I found the below error repeatedly in CMBITSMaanager.log

    “<![LOG[Error encountered 0x80190193- BITS error: 'HTTP status 403: The client does not have sufficient access rights to the requested server object."

    Pasting few lines from the same log below. Kindly advise further steps.

    <![LOG[Download manifest for the job


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lorin, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I don’t have a short nice answer to you, this can be so many things. Antivirus, bits client corrupt, server missing features, proxy settings, gpo restrictions, wrong configured server.
      My best bet is to dig internet for that error msg to get more tips. Sorry 😊 if you find a solution please share it


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