Install and update Bash on Windows

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(sorry for the Swedish in the screenshot, bash obviously does not understand my language settings)
54 package updates. 30 updates are security related

As you probably already know, there is Linux on your Windows 10 computer! If you have not already installed it’s quite simple head over to the old Control Panel and enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) in the Windows Features.


Now start bash from the start menu and it will install or use bash from the command prompt to start bash in your current directory

But what about automatic installations? Sure, there are commands for this as well

lxrun /install /r

There is also an option to update the subsyste

lxrun /update


(Sorry for the Swedish)

There is also an option to change the default user and uninstall the subsystem


To upgrade and manage bash on Ubuntu, ordinary Linux commands must be used, so to update bash use these commands

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

You may be asked for your password, and this password may not the same as your Windows password, during installation you entered username and password for bash

What about you? Are you using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows? What do you think?


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