I have been using this PowerShell script or GUI for quite some time when I create local Hyper-v virtual machines in my lab, the challenge I had was that the settings I want on my VMs requires extra steps in the Hyper-V management console after the VM is created like amount of CPU and default boot DVD.

I just updated the script to use dropdown boxes instead of text boxes, as you can see below.


To make this script fit your environment and your needs please modify these rows

$VMPath = “D:\Hyper-V”
$VMBootDVD = “F:\Deploy\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x64.iso”
$VMMemory = 2GB
$VMVHDXSize = 50GB
$VMProcessorCount = 2
$VMGeneration = 2
$VMNet1 = “Internal 2”
$VMNet2 = “Internal 1”

Modify as you’d like and if you have any contributions you would like to share please use the comments below.

Now go download the script version 1.2