I wrote a small PowerShell script to help me get some information about the installed applications quick and easy. We needed to know what applications is installed per user to perform the right actions in ConfigMgr. This script will for example help you with information like when the application is installed, if the application is installed per current user or computer, where the local MSI (C:\Windows\Installer) is located and the name of it among other things.

I enumerate the Win32_Product WMI class to get the information and as you can see when you start the script it is quite slow.

I also added a small feature when you double click a row the information about the application is added to the clipboard, available for you to paste anywhere you want.



Download the script from here: https://app.box.com/s/0gx55y4iqtxavrfvzut2147zoy99oa0q