Microsoft updated the WMI Diagnosis Utility to version 2.2 and can be found here


Use this tool check the WMI repository and repair the database, some nice parameters that are good to have

  • To create the LOG, TXT and CSV files in a location other than %TEMP%:
    • WMIDiag.vbs LogFilePath=\\Server\Share
  • To deploy the WMI Diagnosis Tool across several computers and prevent any popup windows from interfering with the user:
    • WMIDiag.vbs Silent
  • To log WMI Diagnosis Tool error messages in the event log as well as the LOG file. Note this can overflow the application event log
    • WMIDiag.vbs LogNTEventErrors
  • To create an event log entry containing the WMI Diagnosis Tool execution state (Success, Warning or Error) in the application event log:
    • WMIDiag.vbs LogWMIState
  • To deploy the WMI Diagnosis Tool with SMS and capture LOG, TXT and CSV created for each machine in a central location, while logging the final state of the WMI status in the local machine event log:
    • WMIDiag.vbs SMS LogFilePath=\\Server\Share Silent NoEcho LogWMIState


Included in the tool package is an Excel file, you can use this to get a visualization of your environment by using these small steps

  • From the central location, execute
    • Copy /a \\MyCentral_Server\MyShare\*.CSV All.CSV
  • Open ALL.CSV in Excel and open the spreadsheet, WMIDiag.xls, from the package
  • Copy all the content from ALL.CSV to the DATA tab in spreadsheet