Everything you wanted to know about Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Deployment with MDT 2013 but were afraid to ask…

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MDT 2013 just came out this week, and I’m sure you’re wondering if you really need it?

If you’re still using a sector based disk cloning system, any version of MDT is going to be an upgrade over what you’re currently using, so ask a better question instead…

The question you really need to ask yourself is what Operating Systems you plan on supporting from here on out. If you’re completely and unequivocally off WindowsXP and Vista, and on Windows 7 and/or 8 you can move off MDT 2012 Update 1 and run MDT 2013. MDT 2013 only works with WADK 8.1 and does NOT work with the legacy WAIK tools.

Remember, MDT 2012 U1 still runs either AIK and ADK, but understand that since XP’s going down for good in April on “Judgment Day”, this only makes sense. Note: ADK 8.1 no longer supports XP as OS to pull settings from, but see…

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