Guidance for post SP1 hotfixes for Windows 7

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On March 12, 2013, Microsoft released KB2775511 containing 90+ post SP1 QFEs that improved boot, logon and post logon performance and reliability on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 computers. Aliases for KB2775511 include Enterprise Hotfix Rollup (EHR) and the “SBSL Rollup”.

This article have been updated a couple of times and describes known issues with the hotfix package, installation and any binaries included in the rollup.

Some known issues

KB2775511 + KB2728738 May detect fast links as slow when using roaming profile. Problem is resolved by installing an updated version of the profsvc.dll from

KB2775511 + KB2732573 May cause file corruption. This corruption is resolved by installing

KB2775511 Group policy may fail to apply with VERY, VERY restrictive accounts, specifically Group Policy Preferences (GPP). Look at enable list object mode DSheuristic or setting restrictive ACLs on those 2 attributes that silently prevents GPP from applying. TechNet: Ds-Heuristic Mode and Manual steps to enable List Object Mode

KB2775511 There may occur deadlocks in SCOM. Discussed here There are a pending fix for this

KB2775511 May be safely deployed if

  • Slow link detection policy is not enabled OR you pre-populate UseSMBBasedBandwidthAndLatency=1
  • DisableLeasing=1 is pre-populated in the registry OR testing verifies that at risk configurations/applications do not exist
  • Users subject to GPP have sufficient permissions to read the name and objectsid attributes the corresponding computer account in Active Directory AND testing confirms that GPP settings reliably apply in loopback and non-loopback scenarios
  • You test and have fallback | mitigation plans and can implement them efficiently in environment in question

Thanks Ben Christenbury for helping out with the content!

Also have a look at Yongs post here

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