In my daily work I often get slow boot and slow logon questions, aka SBSL. Today it is really important to have stable and responsive computers, the computer needs to restart fast else the users will not reboot when security patches being pushed, computer needs to shutdown quick else they will just remove the battery/power cord and every once and a while destroy a hard disk, system files or the pictures of the baby…

The boot consists of 5 phases during boot: Pre Session Init, Session Init, Winlogon Init, Explorer Init and Post boot. Here are some details about these phases: Windows On/Off Transition Performance Analysis

During the first two phases we load kernel, initialize and load important drivers such as storage and display, getting ReadyBoost ready and so on. These two phases are often the hardest to troubleshoot, but to give you a hint on two quite simple and common issues – update your storage and display drivers!

Look at this startup from a customer, where the Pre Session and Session init phases that takes a long time.


and after just updating storage and display drivers we got this start up instead


So in total we save roughly 1 minute just by updating these drivers.