So finally I got my USB drive, I bought one from Super Talent (

So now it is time to try one of the new features in Windows 8 Enterprise SKU – Windows To Go, and safely bring your Operating System on a USB drive and start it from more or less any other PC.

This is how you create a Windows To Go, workspace.

Start “Windows To Go” from the Settings pane


Select the drive you want to use


On the next page you have to locate the Windows 8 enterprise image and continue to choose it you want to encrypt the drive with BitLocker


Now is the time to prepare the drive


Meanwhile, read some great Windows 8 resources!

Or take a look at some “Smoked by Windows Phone” clips!

Okay! The workspace is created and this is how the result looks like!


Sorry for the bad pics, but it’s hard to make a screenshot during startup Smile