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This is not the first time I get the chance to try Windows 7, but after I installed the beta on my home computer I got really impressed of both speed and user interface!

Some things I noticed was

* Speed, yes speed is greatly improved and will for sure be the main reason to switch to 7

* Where the heck is the sidebar? Yes gadgets are still there but I haven’t found any solution yet to have them stay on top

* This is a nice little feature, just let your mouse cursor relax for a while at the bottom right and that will show your desktop and your gadgets

* Quick Launch toolbar is really improved, these live preview screens is really nice, and if you hover over the preview you notice that all other windows will be transparent and the screen you hover is in focus.

* Slideshow as a background, nice little feature for users having trouble to just choose one background and I could not see any performance decrease when I got this running! Even if a Window hangs (yes, sometimes they still do) the slideshow will continue

* The greatly improved search indexing, it’s a lot faster to index and a lot faster to use the search

* Window snap, if you move a Window to left or right side of the screen you will notice that the window will maximize to half the screen size, this is perfect when you have a widescreen

* Window maximize, if you double click the top or bottom of the window frame the window will maximize vertically

* To clean up all windows except one, just grab the top of the window, shake it and all other windows will be minimized

* I tried to find the “Reliability and Performance Monitor” yes I found it but only one half the performance monitor that was greatly improved, now it’s too easy to found out what your system is doing – you have to try it. Reliability monitor that exists in Vista will for sure be added later I found some chapter about it in the help

* Libraries should make it easier to find correct information, I think that will be tricky for the users to understand this, but the feature is nice.

* Also take a look in the Control Panel > Devices and Printers, nice way to configure your devices

* And yes there are more Group Policy Settings, for example support for Branch Office Cache and Direct Access… more about this later…

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Windows 7

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  1. It seems like that the sidabar is gone…(most performance eating thing in Vista…) but if you use the gadget gallery in W7…it is easy to add or remove gadgets which will show up as usual on the desktop. Just as the sidebar did…and it is also possible to make them stay on top.


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