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Finally I decided to create a “all about Windows” blog! With this blog I will try to touch all subjects within Windows operating systems, applications and tools you can think of to make your life much easier!

Many companies and technicians are still using old ways to deploy, support, maintain and operate their Windows clients, servers and mobiles – the future is here! or to be honest have been here for a while! With applications and techniques like PowerShell scripts , SCCM, Remote assistance, VB scripting, WMI, SCOM, remote registry, SCMDM, group policy objects etc it will make your life much easier.

Why is the first answer to a end-user “Sounds strange, please restart your computer and try again” when they call the helpdesk/service desk? Why isn’t “Yes I can see you have a problem with the application the value in the registry is wrong, now try again” or “The computer is slow? I will remote connect to your computer and find out why”.

Why isn’t companies using their MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) to gather errors from their clients and get a fix before the end-users even knows it’s a problem? Many customers are talking about optimize their application and/or infrastructure and move their IT from Basic model to Standardized to Rationalized to Dynamic, but when can the end-users see it? Some customers implements SCOM to operate their servers, but how many uses SCOM to fix their problems on-the-fly – quite few…

Okay that’s the edge of optimization, but how many of us specialist and managers are really sitting down and investigating the helpdesk/service desk cases and implements fixes? As we all know some things cannot be “fixed” some things have to be taken care of a human, but a human can forget things or do things in the wrong way like spell something wrong and so on…

This is me and some comments and thoughts from a Windows specialist that have been working with small and big companies since 1997.


Any subjects or problems you’d like me to write about? Just comment or send me an email!

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