Remote Desktop on high-dpi screen?

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Are you an IT Pro running a Microsoft Surface or other device with a very High DPI? Probably you are doing a lot of Remote Desktop connection to different server and test/lab environments, and you have notices that your remote screen are very, very small.


I have seen different solutions for this one including

  • Manipulate DPI and change screen resolution
  • Registry hack on the remote computer to be able to change DPI
  • Creating custom screen resolutions

So far I think this is my best suggestion, want do you think?

Download and Install Remote Desktop Connection Mananager 2.7 from

When the application is installed, search on the Start Menu for Remote Desktop Connection Manager, right click and choose Open File Location


When File Explorer opens, right click the Remote Desktop Connection Manager icon and choose Properties


On the Compatibility tab, UNCHECK the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings option and click OK


Open Remote Desktop Connection Manager, Add your required server and voila – you can actually see what’s on the screen.


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