Start Windows Update scan with Windows 10

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As you probably already know all Windows Update settings has been moved away from the legacy Windows Control Panel to the new modern System Settings app in Windows 10.



And as you may have noticed is that you cannot use the old commands (wuauclt.exe /detectnow) to schedule a Windows Update scan via the command problem if you any reason need to. So how do you do from now on? Head over to the Scheduled Tasks and browse down to Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator


And there you have your new command

usoclient.exe StartScan

I have seen three parameters that may be useful: StartScan, ResumeUpdate, StartInstall, all found in these tasks.

Documentation? Nope, so use carefully!

Some other parameters: StartScan, StartDownload, StartInstall, ScanInstallWait, RefreshSettings, StartInteractiveScan, RestartDevice, ScanInstallWait, ResumeUpdate

Read more in the source, no need for me to duplicate the content 🙂

Note! If you for any reason see any reason at all to add a trigger or modify these tasks, please don’t change the built-in tasks! You never know what will change in the next build or patch. I encourage you in these cases to create your own tasks in your own category/folder that you have full control over, that can be documented, monitored and modified as you wish.

Some sources:

USOCLIENT Documentation & Switches

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