Generate PowerShell code with Offline Files Browser

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Over Christmas I took some time to develop a small utility to browse the local offline files cache. The utility will also generate PowerShell code to unpin and delete folders and files from the cache.

Go get the tool here:

[Update] The tool has a requirement for .NET 4.0

Bare with me it’s version 1, so the file is not signed and the functionality is limited. Reach out to me with feature requests and bug reports.

This is how it looks like


To browse the cache just double click the server, share or directory. To view the offline files properties of an item just selected it and the information will show on the right


If you want to get the PowerShell code to unpin or delete an item from the cache just hit Generate PowerShell Code and Unpin selected item and the code will show ready to copy and paste into your own script!


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with new features or fix bugs at Twitter or email.

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