TimeZone config with Intune

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Finally back from an awesome vacation, and right back to the real world πŸ™‚

Right to the point, setting time zone in Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune has been a bit of hazzle. Until Windows 10 1903 you had to create a PowerShell script and deploy it to necessary users.

This script could look something like this

Set-TimeZone -Id “Central Standard Time”
Start-Service W32Time
Restart-Service W32Time

To get the correct Id, run Get-TimeZone on a machine that have correct settings

20190812 TimeZone

Beginning with Windows 10 1903 you can use a custom Device Configuration profile.

Start up by creating a custom Device Configuration profile

20190812 TimeZone profile1

Create Add to add a new custom row and enter the following information



Value type: String

Value: <TimeZone ID>

20190812 TimeZone profile2

The time zone id can be retrieved from either with PowerShell command Get-TimeZone or tzutil /g

Now save the profile and assign it to your users.

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