I recently updated my Update-OneDrive.ps1 script on GitHub to update to the latest OneDrive version and convert current installation to per-machine installation. Have a look and any feedback and contributions are welcome!

This script will take care about your current running machines and can be deployed by PowerShell script or win32-application.

Implementation with Intune Win32 app

Start by creating Win32-app in Intune portal, select the intunewin app and press ok


Enter name, Description, Publisher, Category


Now time for some install commands, write the following

Install command: PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -WindowStyle Hidden -NoLogo -File .\Update-OneDrive.ps1

Uninstall command: cmd /c

Install behavior: User


And some requirements


The detection rules might look like this, this makes sure one user per machine runs the application

Path: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft OneDrive

File or folder: OneDrive.exe

Detection method: File or folder exists


and press Add to save and upload the application, wait until the application has been uploaded and Assign the application to a group


Troubleshooting and logging

Make sure you deployed the application to user

The script will do some logging in the %Temp% folder, called AutomateOneDrive.log

Make sure when entering the install command, the PowerShell arguments is in the correct order, if -ExecutionPolicy is after -File it will not work and the application installation will fail


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